Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets




Version 2.0

  1. Converted to application.

Version 1.1

  1. Added menu bar.
  2. Added drop down menu with pre-set functions.
  3. Format/layout changed some.
  4. Added ability to change number of points on each circle/ray.

Version 1.0

  1. Official 1.0 version.

Version 0.5

  1. Sketch button has been removed as it is no longer necessary.
  2. Appropriate h+g and h-g labels change as needed.
  3. Bugs have been zapped that were hiding in the h+g routine.

Version 0.4

  1. Colors are now color-blind friendly
  2. Zooming code is now updated This should be transparent to user.
  3. I added the option to define phi=h-g or phi=h+g
  4. Sketching in the domain now also appears on both the graph of phi(z) and f(z).
  5. There is no longer an option for a rectangular grid
  6. I removed the ability to drag the domain grid around and see changes in phi and f.

Version 0.3

  1. Changed layout.
  2. Added greek symbols for phi and omega.
  3. Fixed drag/sketch bug that caused problems when nothing had been graphed.
  4. Changed default radius of domain to 0.99 instead of 1.0 in order to avoid singularities

Version 0.2

  1. Fixed bug in cursor location display for domain.
  2. Added zoom via clicking and mouse wheel rotation to domain.


Version 0.1

  1. This is a beta (alpha?) version. The rectangular grid option does not work. Work on dealing with non-integrable singularities needs to happen.