Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets

Real Newt Tool



version 2.0

  1. Converted to application with different sizes based on os.

version 1.3

  1. Changed font on a couple of labels.
  2. Changed location of "ctrl+click to reset center" label.
  3. Changed ctrl+click to mean "reset zoom center and do not zoom nor place x_0".

version 1.2

  1. Changed "ctrl+click" to mean "reset zoom center".

version 1.1

  1. Graph basins button is now fixed (it was broken in the last update).
  2. Spacing of headers in iteration pane changed (broken in the last update).

version 1.0

  1. Version 1.0 designation.
  2. Menu bar added.
  3. Scientific notation altered: "E" becomes " E".
  4. Title of applet changed.
  5. ctrl+click=placement of cursor location in zoom panel.
  6. "Capture domain/range is changed to "Capture view."

version 0.83

  1. Utilized latest Default View menu.

version 0.82

  1. Default View drop-down menu has minimum width equal to size of unopened view.

version 0.81

  1. "Default Domain" has become "Default View".
  2. Default View drop-down menu automatically resizes when choosing domain/range that will not fit in default popup menu.

version 0.8

  1. Added ability of domain/range choice menu to capture current domain/range settings.
  2. Layout of domain/range choice menu has changed slightly.

version 0.7

  1. Allocation of memory to arrays dynamically has changed in order to fix bug.
  2. Domain choice menu bug has been fixed.

version 0.6

  1. I changed how I increment arrays so that User cannot cause out of bounds exception.
  2. Label widths have changed
  3. Made max iter label/field visible/invisible when clicking "Graph basins of attraction" box,

version 0.5

  1. Added pre-set functions via drop down menu.
  2. >
  3. Changed color of iter point on axis.
  4. Fixed bug where basins of attraction did not move when axes location is reset.
  5. Size of applet has been reduced
  6. Number of iterations in iter pane are no longer constrained by max iterations used in Newton method.

Version 0.4

  1. Added ability to zoom via rectangle drag when function is not present.
  2. Fixed problem with switching between crossed and boxed axes.
  3. Use iterPane object to visualize iterations. This keeps header in place no matter how many iterations are visualized.
  4. Added "Update" button to update entry of initial value via keyboard.
  5. Changed "Focus Gained" property on y max field to be consistent with other domain/range fields.
  6. Fixed "Clear All" button so that it now properly clears and updates things.

Version 0.3

  1. Fixed bug that caused colors to change when zooming.
  2. Clear All button did not work properly. This has been fixed.


Version 0.2

  1. Global tab combined with local tab.
  2. Max iter field added
  3. Step tolerance field added
  4. Basins of attraction base convergence solely on step size.
  5. Ability to input initial val thru text box fixed
  6. Zooming bug fixed; basins of attraction now update properly
  7. Different background.
  8. Additioni of f(x_n) to sequence output.


Version 0.1

  1. Local tab allows user to iterate through Newton's method by clicking (or specifying) an initial value.
  2. Zoom in/out by scrolling mouse wheel or using slider on zoom panel.
  3. Zoom in/out by clicking Zoom on/off button and then right/left click on grapher
  4. Translate graph by dragging grapher.
  5. Iterate forwards and backwards through iterates with plus/minus button.
  6. Global tab allows user to see basins of attraction for given functoin. Number of roots found is displayed.