Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets




Version 1.0

  1. Version 1.0 designation.
  2. Theta values are automatically re-ordered when clicking "Graph" button.
  3. Negative values for theta are now allowed
  4. Fixed bug that occurred when clicking Remove button.
  5. Error message displayed when first and last theta values differ by more than 2pi

PolyTool, version 0.3.6

  1. Colors are now color-blind friendly.
  2. Unit disc now has a radius of r=0.999 to avoid siingularities.
  3. When moving theta points around boundary of unit disc in domain, corresponding vertex points in range did not properly update This has been fixed.

PolyTool, version 0.3.5

  1. Remove button moved Add, Graph, Remove buttons. These buttons are now fixed.

PolyTool, version 0.3.4

  1. Row of Add/Remove/Graph buttons are now fixed at the top of arc/vertex rows.

PolyTool, version 0.3.3

  1. Fixed 'Default Domain' buttons.

PolyTool, version 0.3.2

  1. We're now only keeping track of the beginning of each arc.
  2. Different layout.
  3. Reduced max number of arcs/vertices to 9 in order to accomodate new layout.
  4. Resolved several clicking problems where data did not go where expected or update as expected when domain and/or graph was clicked.
  5. Fixed 'clear all' button

PolyTool, version 0.2

  1. Fixed bug in display of cursor location.
  2. Added ability to zoom in domain with mouse click and mouse wheel rotation.

PolyTool, version 0.1

  1. Polygon panel operational.
  2. Click on domain/range to generate arcs/vertices and add lines to table.
  3. Click on add/remove buttons to add lines to table.
  4. Drag points in domain/range.
  5. Sketching is functional.
  6. Zooming is functional.