Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets

Creating a GUI applet (i.e. one that you can see) in NetBeans requires several steps. Thie nice thing about NetBeans is that it will automatically generate a lot of code that otherwise would require a lot of prior knowledge.




Add a GUI applet form to your project. 

This form is what will allow you to drag-and-drop items onto a canvas and quickly build GUIs without having to create all of the underlying code (a very tedious process).


Add a JPanel to your applet. 

The JApplet is primarily used as a container for other objects. So we will add a JPanel to our applet. This will allow us fine control over properties such as the background color, the foreground color, the default font size and type, etc. 


Add a JLabel to backgroundPanel. 


Build and Run the applet.  

Creating an Applet