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Complex IterTool



Complex ItertTool, version 2.0

  1. Converted to application.

Complex ItertTool, version 1.3

  1. Enabled zooming via mouse wheel.
  2. Zooming at default value is now centered in middle of graph.

Complex ItertTool, version 1.2

  1. Fixed "ctrl+click" bug.

Complex ItertTool, version 1.1

  1. Increased width of iter panes.
  2. Added "ctrl+click" which means "place cursor location in default zoom field."

Complex ItertTool, version 1.0

  1. Polished iterpanes for better formatting.
  2. "1.0" designation reflects applet is at a stable stage with known bugs eliminated.

Complex ItertTool, version 0.6

  1. Eliminated recalculations when toggling between euclidean and polar seed form.
  2. Added menu bar.

Complex ItertTool, version 0.5

  1. Incorporated use of drop-down menu to capture/remove current view.
  2. "Default Domain" button becomes "Default View" button.

Complex ItertTool, version 0.4

  1. Added "z*z" to drop down menu in addition to "z^2".

Complex ItertTool, version 0.3

  1. Fixed spelling of "Polar Computation".
  2. Using the drop-down menu automatically forces Euclidean computations.
  3. Clicking in seed fields now behaves as clicking in seed fields for FractTool-- gray background highlights now work.

Complex ItertTool, version 0.2

  1. Removed one of the "update" buttons.
  2. Changed "Euclidean function" to "Euclidean computation" and "Polar function" to "Polar computation".
  3. Changed default values for theta to (-pi,pi)
  4. Cursor location label now reads "(r,th)=..." for polar coordinates.
  5. Polar computations only makes conversion of initial euclidean value; all subsequent iterations are kept track of in terms of polar coordinates and these are used to convert to euclidean only for output purposes."

Complex ItertTool, version 0.1

  1. Iterate complex-valued functions using seeds in euclidean or polar form.
  2. Use polar or euclidean form of functions.
  3. Zoom in/out by scrolling mouse wheel or using slider on zoom panel.
  4. Zoom in/out by clicking Zoom on/off button and then right/left click on grapher.