Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets

CalcTool 2



Version 7.0

  1. Added menu bar to change settings, save graphs, etc..
  2. Ability to change independent and dependent variable in many places.
  3. Cleaned up solve/evaluation functionality on several tabs.
  4. Added ability to cut/past and drag/drop answers from evaluation and solving equations.

Version 6.1

  1. Bug fix. When moving to Seq/Series tab, graph was not being updated to reflect new tab.

Version 6.0

  1. Grid is default axes style
  2. Menu bar added giving user ability to save screenshots and control various colors and properties of applet.
  3. Changed functionality of Line width menu to make line widths sync with grid withs.
  4. Updated many java beans used in this tool to latest versions.


Calctool 2, version 5.9

  1. Several cosmetic changes-- different color-blind friendly color scheme for graphs, smaller size overall, and different placement of some buttons.
  2. Use of updated objects behind the scenes.
  3. Fix of several annoying bugs, all of which were cosmetic.


Calctool 2, version 5.7

  1. See version 5.6 for explanation of different versions.
  2. Use of updated Grapher.
  3. Gauss quadrature is now used to estimate integral in Int tab.


Calctool 2, version 5.6

  1. There are now two versions (version a and version b) available. Version b is the same as version a except that the derivative formulas are hidden from the user. The user can still visualize (i.e. graph) the computed derivatives,solve for zeroes, etc., but cannot see the forumulas. This is in response to some faculty members who wish to not make these available to students.
  2. Bigger boxes to input formulas.
  3. The ability to grab the graph and slide it around is much improved. Previously, performance was very rough. Things are now much smoother.
  4. The user can now zoom in/out by simply clicking on the graph and/or using the track wheel on the mouse.


CalcTool 2, version 5.2

  1. On Slope panel for a single differential equation, it was only possible to graph two solutions at any one time. This has been corrected.
  2. When clicking on the "Eval" box on both the Graph and Deriv tabs, the wrong label popped up. This has been corrected.
  3. On the Deriv tab, the function field for f(x) was not highlighted appropriately whenever an error was made. This has been corrected.


CalcTool 2, version 5.1

Changes in this version:

  1. Fixed seq/series panel. In the last update, I broke the ability to change the value in the Taylor series text field "a=". This has been fixed.


CalcTool 2, version 5.0

  1. Addition of an Euler's method tab/panel. This allows a person to visualize how Euler's method works for various step sizes, with up to 4 graphs of Euler approximations a t any one time.
  2. Cosmetic changes.-The words “Power Series” and “Function series” were getting chopped off on the Seq/Series panel. Location of the Domain drop-down menu on the Graph panel was slightly out of position. Sometimes the “Cursor Location” display was chopped off.
  3. The “Line Width” drop down menu stopped working properly in the previous update. This is now fixed.
  4. The yellow error color was being displayed after an error was corrected in some instances.
  5. Some behind-the-scenes stuff with regard to how I organized code changed, but these changes should be transparent to the use.

CalcTool 2, version 4.0

  1. The ability to use the left/right arrows to move the trace dot around on the grapher.
  2. The ability to use the arrow keys to slide the graph around (grab the graph with the cursor and move it). The motion is kind of jerky, so I hope to improve this at some point.
  3. The ability to use the arrow keys to move the sliders in the Riemann sum and Int panels as long as the cursor is over the slider.
  4. Fixed a but in the slope field panel: it now handles infinite slopes properly (at least in terms of the graphical output of the slope field).
  5. The ability to input functions into all of the input boxes where it makes sense. For example, if you want the domain on the x-axis to be 0 to 2*pi, put 2*pi in the “x-max” domain box and it will handle it.
  6. Fixed some minor bugs behind the scenes.
  7. The .gif files needed for previous versions are no longer needed for offline distribution.