Workshop 2007 JRE Java Support
Java Applets

CalcTool 1



Version 7.0

  1. Added menu bar to change settings, save graphs, etc..
  2. Ability to change independent and dependent variable in many places.
  3. Cleaned up solve/evaluation functionality on several tabs.
  4. Added ability to cut/past and drag/drop answers from evaluation and solving equations.

Version 6.1

  1. On Deriv tab, clicking "graph" also computes derivatives automatically.
  2. Zooming in only x or only y directions did not work properly. This has been fixed.
  3. "Solve" routine now checks first iteration to see if initial guess is equal to the root.

Version 6.0

  1. Changed look-and-feel.
  2. Added menu bar to main version.
  3. Fixed bugs that were mostly cosmetic in nature.

Version 5.6

  1. Slope of tangent line was not computed properly on Secant tab.
  2. Color-blind friendly colors are now used.
  3. On Secant tab, tolerance was too small to 'grab' points and move them around for some domain/range combinations.

Version 5.5.1

  1. Added ability to slide graph around to secant panel.

Version 5.5

  1. Added ability to slide graph around to those panels where this was not functional.
  2. Fixed bug that prevented graphing on most panels.
  3. Changed implementation of some code to make it easier to maintain.


Version 5.3

  1. Fixed bug on Vec panel. Clicking on Graph button incorrectly referenced information on the param panel.
  2. Changed location of Graph, Graph Default Domain, and Clear All buttons on Vec panel.
  3. Slight change in look/feel of arrows when increasing the size.


Version 5.2

  1. There are now two versions (version a and version b) available. Version b is the same as version a except that the derivative formulas are hidden from the user. The user can still visualize (i.e. graph) the computed derivatives,solve for zeroes, etc., but cannot see the forumulas. This is in response to some faculty members who wish to not make these available to students.
  2. Bigger boxes to input formulas.
  3. The ability to grab the graph and slide it around is much improved. Previously, performance was very rough. Things are now much smoother.
  4. The user can now zoom in/out by simply clicking on the graph and/or using the track wheel on the mouse.


Calctool 1, version 4.4

  1. After I managed to lose some of my source code (don't ask), I've recoded substantial parts of this. The good news is that this will make code easier to maintain. The bad news is that I may have introduced some bugs. So let me konw if this is true.
  2. I've corrected some problems with how errors are displayed in a few situations.
  3. I fixed a (small) bug in the root finding algorithm to take care of a few special cases.


CalcTool 1, version 4.3.1

  1. When clicking on the "Eval" box on both the Graph and Deriv tabs, the wrong label popped up. This has been corrected.
  2. On the Deriv tab, the function field for f(x) was not highlighted appropriately whenever an error was made. This has been corrected.


CalcTool 1, version 4.3

  1. Made cut-off portion of applet visible.


CalcTool 1, version 4.2

  1. The ability to input symbolic values everywhere you think you should be able to use these (e.g. pi as one of the limits on the graph).
  2. The ability to use the left and right keys to move the trace dot on a graph or on all the sliders. This gives the user finer control when moving the dot.
  3. The ability to grab the graph and move it around. This is very rough and needs some work to smooth it out, but I’ll have to fix this in the next version.
  4. A trig panel. This is to illustrate properties of trig functions.
  5. A slightly different look and feel of the whole thing.
  6. Fixed some bugs on the vector panel
  7. Fixed some other minor bugs, mostly relating to appearance of things.
  8. Fixed a bug with the "Clear" button on the limit panel.