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ApproxTool Version History

ApproxTool, version 3.0

  1. Added ability to toggle zoom in/out.
  2. Added point panel for every point added to approximates.
  3. Added ability to specify uniform (or not) spacing.

ApproxTool, version 2.9

  1. Added line width option.


ApproxTool, version 2.8.4

versions 2.8, 2.81, 2.8.2, and 2.8.3 not released

  1. Added option to see Legendre nodes .
  2. Added error messages if exceeding degree 19
  3. Slightly different look/feel
  4. Recoded many things that should be transparent to user.
  5. Uses latest parser from
  6. Grayed out boxes where values cannot be changed.


ApproxTool, version 2.7

  1. Corrected bug when updating xmin and xmax.
  2. Added error message if interval [a,b] is not in [xmin, xmax]


ApproxTool, version 2.6

  1. Added ability to update domain/range of graph by inputting values into textfields and either clicking the "return" key or moving mouse outside of textfield boundaries.
  2. Fixed bug in Least Squares. It now works properly
  3. Fixed bug in caclculation of max error.
  4. New function definitions update more intuitively.


ApproxTool, version 2.5

  1. Added Chebyshev polynomials
  2. Added Taylor polynomials
  3. Added Legendre polynomials.