James Howard Rolf


My Dad made this cradle a year ago for the day that we would have children. Ann and I thought that we might not ever get to use this. Obviously, we were wrong! It's made out of live oak and mesquite from the small farm that I grew up on in central Texas.

Me and James

Me picking up James for the first time. I beat Ann to the punch as I pretty much ran ahead into the hospital. As soon as I saw James, I wept. 10 years of emotion busted out of me.

James Howard Rolf



Ann and I have been trying to conceive for 10 years now. Our adoption caseworker called us on Friday, August 18th and told us that she wanted to meet us Saturday afternoon. When we met, she told us "a healthy baby was born Friday morning up near Frisco. He's yours if you want him! And oh by the way, we need you to decide in an hour or two." Obviously, we said "yes." We are incredibly grateful to God, along with friends, family and even some strangers who have supported us, encouraged us, and prayed for us over the years. We are particularly grateful to a courageous birth mom whose decision is allowing us to parent this beautiful child.



James Howard
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